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1999 Get Real(1~16集) ( ju5y)

1999 Get Real (17~20集) (97k3)

2001 Lightning Fire from the Sky(3r53)

2002 The Emperor's Club/皇家俱乐部 (uenp)

2002 Roger/Dodger震撼性教育(49kh)

2004 The Village/神秘村(6qms)

2005 Cursed/诅咒(n1sz)

2005 The Squid and the Whale/鱿鱼和鲸(h69a)

2007 The Living Wake/临终秀( fkgh)

2007 查理班克斯的教育  (rzez)

2007 The Hunting Party/狩猎聚会(9jmi)

2009 Some Boys Don't Leave/痴情男孩(g35k)

2009 Solitary Man/孤独的人(ah9m)

2009 Zombieland/僵尸之地(hcz9)

2009 Adventureland/冒险乐园(3ed4)

2010 Camp Hell/野营地狱 (c6t1)

2010 The Social Network.社交网络(p5ft)

2010 社交网络蓝光花絮(uv2y)

2010 犹太毒贩(r6vr)

2011 Rio/里约大冒险(j6f2)

2011 RIO制作花絮

2011 Asuncion(4htu)

2011 30 Minutes Or Less/惊魂半小时(1exi)

2011 30 Minutes or Less/惊魂半小时制作花絮 (h7jo)

2012 To Rome With Love/爱在罗马

2012 Free Samples/免费样品

2012 Why Stop Now/为何中止(gvta)

2013 He's Way More Famous Than You

2013 Now You See Me/惊天魔盗团  (1fuc)

2013 惊天魔盗团花絮&删减(evds)

2014 The Double/双重人格(g7ip)

2014 Rio2/里约大冒险2(m5jt)

2015 America Ultra/美式极端

2015 America Ultra花絮(qqkh)

2015 The End of the Tour/旅程终点(n54w)

2015 The End of the Tour删减&花絮(a9eu)

2015 Louder Than Bombs/响亮的秘密 

2016 Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice/蝙蝠侠大战超人:正义黎明  (w9v4)

2016 Cafe Society/咖啡公社   ( ual4)

2016 Now You See Me 2/惊天魔盗团2  ( 2jf8)


摩登家庭 S05E12 (9kph)

The Newsroom/新闻编辑室S01E01 ( vgnr )

One Day Like Rain

Saturday Night Live/周六夜现场S36E13 ( sas4 )


The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien(2009.09.30

The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien(2010.11.18

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno(2011.01.06

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno(2011.08.09(enmz)

The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien(2011.08.11

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Jesse Eisenberg (2011.11.29

Jimmy Fallon Spreads Holiday Cheer With ATwas The Night Before Christmas

The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien(2013.05.22

Jesse Eisenberg on David Letterman (2014.05.13

The Late Night With Seth Meyers(2015.04.02

Cut for Air Jesse Eisenberg-Late Night with Seth Meyers(prrn)

The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien(2015.11.11

The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon(2016.03.15 (bb5d)

Unqualified Advice- Jesse Eisenberg(5b7d)

The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien (2016.03.31 (049c)

Top Gear S23E01( 2a4g)

The Vice Guide To Film S01E04 (v06s)

The Vice Guide To Film S01E07( usnz)

Penn and Teller Fool Us S03E02( mzk9)


Broadway Kids Album

Holly Black

Black Heart

RedGloveUnbridged  (viwk)

TSN 评论音轨

广播剧 The Blizzard

It's kind of a funny story

Play Reading-Sophocles Philoctetes

BB1 Radio 1 Breakfast with Nick Grimshaw

Jesse Eisenberg discusses writing and acting in his play Asuncion

Jesse on OneUpMe

Actor Jesse Eisenberg Plays Not My Job (2011.02.26

Jesse Eisenberg On Set Interview 30 MINUTES OR LESS (2011.05.10

Jesse Eisenberg on His New Role Off-Broadway (2011.10.21

Jesse called in from a Cracker Barrel parking lots

jesse eisenberg in radiohappyhour

Jesse Eisenbergon Happy Sad Confused podcast

Actor Jesse Eisenberg On Israel Activism And Cats

The Movie Jesse Eisenberg Has 'Seen A Million Times'(2013.06.15

My Nephew Has Some Questions


Jesse talks about his short story collection-Bream Gives Me Hiccups

Ep. 296_Changing Lanes

Jesse Eisenberg Went To Summer Camp For Six Hours

Jesse Eisenberg's New Book Gets Seriously Absurd (And A Little Serious)

Jesse Eisenberg Taps Into Teen Angst in Story Collection

Jesse on the GIST Part1

Jesse on the GIST Part2

Jesse Eisenberg – interview with The Doctor on Triple J

Jesse Eisenberg wants to humanize his characters, even Lex Luthor

Jesse & Kunal on The Radio 1 breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw

Jesse Eisenberg-Hey You

Jesse Eisenberg's writing life

Jessie Eisenberg and his new book, 'Bream Gives Me Hiccups' Nov 10, 2015

Sounds Jewish podcast-June_2011

TalkingPictures - 1September2016

Jesse Eisenberg interviewed by Simon Mayo

Jesse Eisenberg on Jewish humor, writing lessons, and interrogating strangers

Aug. 13- Jesse Eisenberg, Wendell Pierce and Alicia Jo Rabins at Wordstock

BBC Radio2 Arts Show with Jonathan Ross

Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg talks about their roles in the film, their real-life magic skills and more

BBC Radio1-Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw

The Final Interrogation of Ceausescu’s Dog



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